Exercise: The Miracle Pill

We have long known that Exercise is a “magic bullet” treatment and cure for many conditions. Exercise therapy and general exercise have proven time and again to improve many physical and psychological conditions.  

In his book ‘The Miracle Pill’, Peter Walker states “What is the ‘miracle pill’, the simple lifestyle change with such enormous health benefits that, if it was turned into a drug, would be the most valuable drug in the world?  The answer is movement and the good news is that it’s free, easy and available to everyone”.

What is Exercise? 

The WHO defines exercise as Exercise is a form of physical activity that is generally planned, structured, and repetitive which aims to improve or maintain one or more aspects of physical fitness.” 

For millennia humans have had no specific reason to exercise as their everyday lives involved enough movement and physical strain to sustain their health. The modern world has led to a more sedentary lifestyle. What our ancestors did just to survive, we do in gyms, parks and on the sporting field. 

What are the benefits of exercise? 

  • Aids growth and improves strength 
  • Prevents aging 
  • Develops muscles 
  • Develops cardiovascular system strength 
  • Hones athletic skills/hand eye coordination 
  • Weight loss/maintenance 
  • Enjoyment (mental health benefits) 
  • Prevents injury  

What the benefits of exercise? 

The simple answer is nearly everything. There are countless academic studies showing the benefits of exercise for a wide variety of conditions. From cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, physical injuries, chronic pain, depression, anxiety and countless more conditions.  

With the exception of unstable fractures there is not a condition we treat at Peakhurst Physio that is not helped by exercise. Your physiotherapist will guide you in the correct exercise for you to complete. 

Some specific conditions the Peakhurst Physio can provide specific exercise advice for are:- 

  • Falls prevention 
  • Post operative rehab (Hip and knee replacement, rotator cuff repair) 
  • Low back pain 
  • Sports rehabilitation (muscle and ligament tears, Post knee and ankle reconstruction) 
  • General deconditioning 
  • Arthritis Prevention 

What is the best form of exercise? 

Sustainability is the most important factor when it comes to exercise. If you have to complete something long term, the best form of general exercise is the one that you enjoy. Whether it be walking, bike riding, running, lifting weights or a team sport pick something sustainable. 

What exercise will my physiotherapist recommend? 

We, at Peakhurst Physio, will take certain factors into consideration to make sure your exercise program is suitable to your recovery, life-style and level of fitness.  

If you already undertake regular exercise your physiotherapist will advise you on modifications to your normal routine that will fit in with your rehab goals. If you do not undertake any regular exercise your physio will advise you on appropriate exercise to aide your recovery. 

The exercises you are prescribed will be specific to your injury and you will be shown the correct technique to perform them safely. Your physio will also work with you to make sure the volume of exercises you complete is specific and challenging enough to facilitate improvement.  

By Peakhurst Physio

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