Remedial Massage Therapy: Treat yourself and avoid injuries.

Remedial Massage Therapy vs “massage”. What’s in a name?

The difference lies on the experience and training of the practitioner. The title Remedial Massage Therapist is protected and can only be used by people who have completed a Diploma of Remedial massage therapy. This includes 1 year of full-time study and 80 hours of practical training. This also allows you to claim a private health fund rebate on your therapy.

Benefits of Massage

The benefits of massage are widely known. Massage has been used in one form or another for thousands of years. The benefits of massage are many, but certainly not limited to:-

  •  Reducing muscle tension
  •  Improving circulation
  •  Help stimulate the lymphatic system
  •  Help with joint mobility and flexibility
  •  Assist with recovery of injury
  •  Relaxation
  •  Improve skin tone
  •  Injury prevention

Massage has been a mainstay for the treatment and prevention of injuries in athletes. Recent studies have shown that regular massage in athletes will significantly improve performance and decrease injuries.

Why Massage?

Peakhurst Physiotherapy aims long term to integrate massage into our Physiotherapy treatments. This would mean for certain injuries some portion of your treatment would be spent with our massage therapist.

Remedial Massage vs Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists have the training and the knowledge to diagnose and treat you injuries using a wide variety of modalities. Your First Appointment will involve an assessment, diagnosis and treatment. The treatment may contain some massage as well as other modalities.

Massage therapists are experts in massage. They are unable to diagnose injuries, however will provide excellent soft tissue therapies. At Peakhurst Physio we see Massage therapists as a vital cog. We will often cross refer to each other to achieve your optimum outcome.

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