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You’ll be thoroughly assessed before we start treatment so we can determine the best therapy method for you.
We use a range of therapies including:

Soft tissue therapies

Manual therapies

Joint mobilisation

Dry needling

Exercise and stretching
prescription and advice

For your convenience, we offer online bookings. Just click the book appointment button and pick a time that suits you. We also have HICAPS which allows you to receive any benefits you’re entitled to on the spot.

The Peakhurst Physiotherapy team is qualified to assess, diagnose, and treat any injury or pains that you’re experiencing. Acute injuries are those that happen suddenly – the sooner you can see us for treatment, the better.

Preoperative and post-surgical rehabilitation

Preoperative physio can help you physically and mentally prepare for your operation and manage your pain and mobility prior to surgery.
Post-surgical rehabilitation will support the successful outcome of your operation. The Peakhurst Physio team can help with regaining strength, mobility, and optimal function.

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports injury physio can help with managing and preventing injuries. We aim to safely increase your return to full function and strengthen to improve performance.

Remedial massage therapists work side by side with our physiotherapy team to help you achieve your goals. The benefits of remedial massage therapy are numerous and massage is a great way for people to prevent injuries from occurring.

Chronic pain management

Physio can help people who have had long term pain turn their lives around. We will develop personalised programs to complement our therapy and help with improving your everyday life.

Workers compensation, CTP and Veterans Affairs

Peakhurst Physio is an approved provider for third-party claims including Workers Compensation, CTP, and Veterans affairs. If you’ll be receiving treatment for one of these, please let us know when you book and our friendly staff will advise you on the appropriate payment options.

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