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Don't let your niggle turn into a nightmare

We all know an injury left untreated can get worse and lead to complications. Life is busy, you’re short on time. Caring for your health can fall to the bottom of the pile.

But at what cost?

When you’re injured, you’re not only dealing with pain and discomfort. Injury can affect your ability to work, income, sporting and family commitments, mood, and general wellbeing.

Peakhurst Physio gets you on the road to recovery so you can live life the way you want to.

Peakhurst Physiotherapy cares
for the whole person, not just the injury.

The more we listen to you and understand you, the quicker we can create the right personalised care plan for you.
It’s not enough to treat the symptoms, we want to get to the bottom of the cause.
Rest, stress, movement, and lifestyle are all factors that can play a part in your circumstance.


We offer treatment for but not limited to:

General Physiotherapy/
Acute injuries

Pre and post-surgical

Remedial massage therapy

Sports injuries

Arthritis management

Workers compensation, CTP
and Veterans affairs

How It Works


We’ll assess you and listen to what you’d
like to achieve.


We determine a diagnosis and clearly
explain what this means.


We start personalised manual therapy.

Take care of your body.
It's the only place you have to live.

Jim Rohn


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Caring for the whole person, not just the injury

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